Raising Mothers to Rise

December 7, 2020 - - Posted by

The Raising Mothers to Rise (RMR) program provides pregnant teens and parenting teen mothers with education and support regarding pregnancy prevention, maternal and fetal outcomes, and education. The services provided by the RMR Program are
centered around a weekly class meeting that is consistent throughout the calendar year.

The class meeting is for both mothers and children in the program, and features a healthy meal, childcare, educational activities for the children, and an educational topic for the mothers each week. Presentation from the program facilitators, a guest speaker, or a field trip to another community resource or activity are provided by RMR.

Additionally, each week, mothers have the opportunity to receive a baby item from the “grab basket” which contains frequently needed baby items. The weekly classes offered by the RMR program cover a variety of health and wellness topics relating to life goals and skills, continuing education, pregnancy and pregnancy prevention, childbirth, and stages of childcare and parenthood. The classes are all tailored to the programs’ targeted population. There are also a variety of seasonal and holiday-specific celebrations throughout the year. RMR places a large emphasis on community outreach and partnership.

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