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December 7, 2020 - - Posted by

Delta Health Center will partner with community and school-based organizations who already serve adolescents, to provide Teen Clinics at their community and school locations. The clinics will facilitate an evidence-based curriculum intended to reduce teen pregnancy, HIV, and STDs, utilizing a Sexual Health Educator trained in a variety of age-appropriate, interactive curricula, providing the ability to tailor the Teen Clinic program to the community/school setting. While #ProjectRAD will continue to offer Promoting Health Among Teens! curriculum that it has used over the past two years, the expanded project will offer additional curricula options.

The Sexual Health Educator will work with the school/community organization to select the best curriculum option for implementation, as well as an agreed upon day and time to teach the sessions. The Sexual Health Educator will hold parent meetings at the onset to inform them of the program, to gain their support to encourage consistent participation and reinforcement of concepts at home, and for the completion of DHC’s required registration packet including consent for services, HIPAA, and confidentiality forms.

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