The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi is the only grantmaking organization in Mississippi entirely dedicated to funding programs that improve the lives of women and girls statewide. The Women’s Fund seeks to fund programs that specifically target the most vulnerable women and girls.

The overall goal of Women’s Foundation grantmaking is economic self sufficiency for women and girls in Mississippi. Due to the long-term negative health and economic impacts associated with teen pregnancy, the Women’s Foundation focuses its grantmaking on the prevention of teen pregnancy in order to increase economic self sufficiency for women and girls.  The Foundation believes that young women who have access to opportunity and a vision for a positive future, along with access to preventive health care services and high quality sex education, are less likely to have an unintended teen pregnancy. Our Focus Areas reflect these research-based prevention strategies.

We are not currently accepting grant proposals. Our next grant cycle starts in the spring of 2014. However, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization! Please call Jamie at 601-326-0701 or email


Areas of Focus:

Overall Goal: Increase Economic Security of Women and Girls by Preventing Teen Pregnancy

  • Focus Area #1: Access to Evidence-Based, Medically Accurate, Comprehensive Sex Education
  • Focus Area #2: Access to Youth-Friendly Health Services
  • Focus Area #3: Access to Opportunity: Focus on Community College

Guidelines and Our Investment

The guidelines for Women’s Foundation grants vary by the focus area. Please read this section carefully to understand these differences.

Your Investment

The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi is seeking to work in partnership with its grantees to promote women and girl’s success across Mississippi. We expect that the investment of our grant funds will be matched by the recipients’ investment of time, and other resources.

We encourage you to contact us with questions about our grantmaking process and to review the information on the Grantmaking section of the website. We also encourage potential grantees to brainstorm their project proposals with Foundation staff before beginning the application process. Email Jamie Bardwell to make sure you are on our grantmaking email distribution list. Our next grant cycle starts in the spring of 2014.