The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi is the only grantmaking organization in Mississippi entirely dedicated to funding programs that improve the lives of women and girls statewide. The Women’s Fund seeks to fund programs that specifically target the most vulnerable women and girls.

The overall goal of Women’s Foundation grantmaking is economic self sufficiency for women and girls in Mississippi. The Women’s Foundation focuses its grantmaking on the prevention of teen and unplanned pregnancy in order to increase economic self sufficiency for women and girls.  The Foundation believes that when women and men have access to opportunity and a vision for a positive future, along with access to preventive health care services and high quality sex education, they are less likely to experience an unintended pregnancy. Our Focus Areas reflect these research-based prevention strategies.

Areas of Focus

Overall Goal: Increase Economic Security of Women and Girls by Preventing Teen Pregnancy

  • Focus Area #1: Access to Evidence-Based, Medically Accurate, Comprehensive Sex Education
  • Focus Area #2: Access to Youth-Friendly Health Services
  • Focus Area #3: Access to Opportunity: Community College