The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi is the only grantmaking organization in Mississippi entirely dedicated to funding programs that improve the lives of women and girls statewide. The Women’s Foundation seeks to fund programs that specifically target the most vulnerable women and girls.

The mission of the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi (WFM) is economic security for women and girls in Mississippi. When women are economically secure, safe, and healthy, then families and communities are economically secure, safe, and healthy.

WFM operates from a social change model, supported by our grantmaking, that all women should have the opportunity to obtain degrees or credentials, good jobs with benefits, and to plan their pregnancies. The Foundation works toward social change in Mississippi by advocating, supporting inclusiveness, and promoting accountability and sustainability in all of our work.

Grantmaking Areas of Focus

  • Focus Area #1: Access to Opportunity – Degrees or Credentials and Good Jobs
  • Focus Area #2: Planned Pregnancies
  • Focus Area #3: Better Futures / Two-Generation Work