Featured Grantee: UMMC Lanier High Teen Advocacy

Project: Lanier High Teen Advocacy Program

Focus Area: Planned Pregnancy


In conjunction with University of Mississippi Medical Center, the Lanier High Teen Advocacy Program        (LH-TAP) aims to prevent teen pregnancy through access to a youth-centered clinic at Lanier High School.

UMMCLH-TAP will promote reproductive health and expand access to primary and preventative care for the teens it serves. The program will also establish a Teen Advisory Board made up of students who will participate in a peer-education training progr

LH-TAP will use Safer Choices, an evidenced-based program that has been identified as a “program that works” by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Safer Choices is an evidence-based HIV/STI and teen pregnancy prevention curriculum, and its primary aim is to reduce the number of students engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse by 1) reducing the number of students who begin or have sexual intercourse during their high school years, and by 2) increasing condom use among those students who have sex. Group classes will be offered four days a week in an after-school format.

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