As a statewide public foundation dedicated to using women’s philanthropy to create social change, we recognize that policy change at the state level is one of our most effective strategies. This strategy is particularly powerful when it is maximized by a broad coalition of citizens who take the time to correspond with lawmakers. Experience shows us that lawmakers do indeed listen. You, too, can join this movement!

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resources

The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi has assembled a list of online resources concerning teen pregnancy prevention.


Women’s Foundation Report on Taxpayer Cost of Teen Births

The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi has released a report describing the economic costs of teen births for every county in Mississippi. These taxpayer costs, which were calculated for the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi by the Mississippi Economic Policy Center, can be attributed primarily to the lost tax revenue from lower wages among teen parents and their children, incarceration costs of sons of teen parents, and foster care costs.



Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy in Community Colleges

The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi and The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy have developed a brief online guide for Mississippi community colleges to implement the strategies outlined in the SB 2563 report from the 2014 Mississippi legislative session. Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy: A Guide for Community Colleges provides background as well as practical ways to address each of the strategies on community college campuses.