About Us

The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi is the only grantmaking and advocacy organization in Mississippi entirely dedicated to funding programs that improve the lives of women and girls statewide.

Our Mission:

Our mission is economic security for women. To learn more about our history and recent name change, click here.

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Our Theory of Social Change:

When women are economically secure, safe, and healthy, then families and communities are economically secure, safe, and healthy.

Our Background:

A group of women started the Women’s Fund of Mississippi as a field-of-interest fund within the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson in 2002. In April 2009, the Women’s Fund became an independent nonprofit, separate from the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson. In 2013, the Women’s Fund changed its name to the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi. Since 2009 the Foundation has operated as a statewide grantmaking organization.

In almost eight years of existence, the Women’s Foundation has received gifts in excess of $1 million. Like mutual funds, the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi expects a return on its investment. Instead of financial gain, the return on a women’s fund is in human capital – the transformation of the lives of women and girls and lasting impact on the communities in which they live.

Our Guiding Principles:

We are ADVOCATES, catalysts for transformation in the lives of women and girls, monitoring public discourse, educating, sharing information, and supporting policies to achieve meaningful change.

We strive for SOCIAL JUSTICE, promoting equal access to opportunity and to equity in all aspects of life.

We believe in INCLUSIVENESS, embracing diversity reflective of Mississippi’s population, welcoming and valuing different perspectives and opinions.

We believe in ACCOUNTABILITY, through transparency and informed, responsive use of our resources in achieving our mission.

We believe in SUSTAINABILITY for The Women’s Foundation, through fiscal responsibility and organizational strength, stewarding resources to meet the unique needs of women and girls.

Why do we focus our grantmaking on women and girls?

Mississippi has been ranked as one of the “worst states for women” by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2006 (every year studied). The Women’s Foundation focuses on women and girls to reverse this grim statistic.

Less than 7% of philanthropic dollars nationwide go to programs that support women and girls. However, we know that women control 51% of the nation’s wealth and make 83% of all consumer purchases. The Women’s Foundation puts the decision-making power in the hands of women in order to change the face of philanthropy.

About women’s funds worldwide

The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi is part of a global network of women’s funds—over 175 around the world. All women’s funds operate with the knowledge that women and girls hold unique solutions to our world’s challenges. Women’s funds see women as the cornerstone of a safe, just, and healthy society.

The Women’s Funding Network, of which the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi is a member, is a membership organization for women’s and girls’ funds across the globe. The Women’s Funding Network enables collective actions, solutions and knowledge sharing among member funds, offering the tools, clout and connections to develop and thrive.